Nightfall: a typological research dossier
Research on ‘architecture of the night’, 2021

This piece of research came about at the request of NU architectuuratelier as they began designing two different bar interiors. In a very conscious attempt to avoid creating an architectural pattern book for the typology we leant instead towards gestural and fictional points of reference; drawing from cinema, photography, painting, text and poetry. The dossier recreates a journey through a night landscape from the perspective of a participant, rather than a dispassionate observer.

True to our perceptions, this dossier makes a point of blurring the lines between real and fictive – perusing representational environments in order to get closer to the truth of what constitutes an architecture of the night. We are not interested in ‘pulling away the curtain’ to reveal the trickery, but in the surfaces and the ephemeral qualities that fill a space.

Research, graphic design