In Conversation with NU
Workshops and publication, 2020-2021

There were four of us around the table the day we decided to see what could result from recording the meanderings of our conversation. We spoke with Armand Eeckles and Halewijn Lievens, founders and directors of NU architectuuratelier with whom we’d had a handful of conversations prior and plenty more since.

The purpose of the conversation was to explore, drift and spark fresh reflections on the work and processes of NU architectuuratelier. In an effort to become better acquainted with the origins and motivations of the office, we spent some time digging through NU’s digital archive of projects. Among seas of technical drawings, references, photographs, sketches and presentation documents, we made a selection of visual material which seemed to transcend the narratives of any individual project.

Of this selection, we made visual pairings or ‘families of fragments’, as we referred to them. We presented the pairings as thematic prompts which subsequently formed the chapters of this book. At the end of each chapter you will find the original pairings presented in company with images of other projects around which our conversation orbited.

Research, publication design