House of the Travelling Dancer
Carovana SMI, Cagliari, 2019

House of the Travelling Dancer was developed in collaboration with Carovana SMI, a dance theatre company from Cagliari. Their vision of cultural production is that it should take place in public space, in proximity to the flow of everyday life and its associated activities. The project seeks to appropriate sites of potential within the city, using architectural themes ‘floor’, scenography’, and ‘found space’ to domesticate previously underutilised sites. Using these elements the city is conceptualised as a series of domestic rooms or ‘domus’ with spatial characteristics: together/apart, covered/ open, new/reused.

By identifying spaces of performative potential in the historic city, focus could turn to the less picturesque modernist ‘new centre’, where the current house of Carovana is located. The project culminates in the appropriation of semi private/vehicular space for communal use. By connecting the tram station and an adjoining parking yard, I created a spatially complex series of rooms for the dance company within the city block which would contain studios, subsidiary services, an exhibition space and a new station bar.

Design, design research